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“Only caught the last 10 minutes of your act, but was amazed. Impeccable music. It inspired me to pick up guitar again after depression caused me to stop.”
— Christopher Watson, audience member

Street Orchestra of London is produced by Nonclassical, a music charity based in east London.
We believe that everybody has an equal right to enjoy live, high-quality music – for free.
Help us to bring music to more people by supporting us with a monthly or one-off donation. 

With your help we can:

  • Reach a wider audience, including hospice patients, care home residents and asylum seekers;
  • Provide public performances free of charge in railway stations, parks, museums and public spaces;
  • Redefine the classical music experience and take high quality orchestral music out of the concert hall;
  • Support young musicians’ development in gaining experience in performing in unconventional spaces.

As we're a charity, you can boost your donation by an extra 25% through Gift Aid. 

For further information about supporting the Street Orchestra of London, contact SOL’s Project Director Eleanor Ward.

“This has genuinely been one of the best weeks of my life. It has truly restored my faith not only in the power of music, but in the importance of community and the ability of everyone to make the world better in a small way.”
— Rachel Watson, cellist