Orchestral Concerts Up-Close


A performance by Street Orchestra Live is a quintessentially different experience from that of any other orchestra. A SOL performance feels more welcome and friendly than a traditional orchestral concert, with no threshold between players and public.


Artistic Development


Touring with Street Orchestra Live gives young musicians a broad view of the modern cultural landscape, a place where more and more players are likely to have their careers in the face of changing traditional performance values. SOL gives an unequaled insight into all layers of everyday society and takes its players to places they may otherwise never see.


Tours & Flash Mobs


Performances are usually planned, but might also happen spontaneously as a flash mob, where the orchestra will decide to get out of the tour bus to play where it seems appropriate at that moment. Here SOL's unique artistic and logistical flexibility comes in handy: it does not need a stage, just a space of 6x8 meters will do. In under 5 minutes after leaving the tour bus the orchestra can start performing, up to 4 to 7 times a day (for 30 to 45 minutes) in all places where people live, work and relax.